10 … Months Story

By : Dr.Hadi El Tonsi

10 Months ago when I was invited to be a keynote speaker on, the patent and now published in Britain, Immediate Healing for Personality Development and Organization Committee Member to an International Congress in Paris on mental health I couldn’t imagine that by now I would be attending 7 out of 11 conferences agreed upon, and receiving more than 50 other conferences invitations, the latter despite facilities I decided to send to them if agreed a 22 minute video for presentation instead of my physical presence to serve science and humanity as a whole.

I couldn’t imagine also the impact of my presentation described as “phenomenal and worthy “ that brought all these invitations describing sometimes my experience and achievements in the field as “tremendous “or my work as “excellent “as you see in photos below from conferences in Barcelona and London or asking me in Vienna Euro Summit of Psychiatry 2018 to explain my method first hand to scholars to start a new wave of research about the matter as letter below mentioned, which also encouraged me to publish a research article in the British Ec Psychology and Psychiatry on same subject described as “eminent “in the certificate below.

The repercussions did bring joy to my heart and soul, as they were immense not only in media, nor in 2 American films about the healing and myself which were in international festivals and one of them got awarded, but also in 186 invitations  I got from specialized journals worldwide to publish in them, and as I did my part I hope that scholars follow me with further elaboration and application to develop psychiatry,psychology and medicine at large globally.

Now that I contemplate what have been achieved globally this could make me feel rewarded and satisfied , whatever personal gains locally or internationally, that I could do the best to serve science and mankind to recognize , spread and employ the immediate Healing for Personality Development , and as Averois (Ibn-Rushd) almost a thousand years ago told that ideas have wings to reach to the sane minds whatever time they take.

So let’s prey for a  time when scholars worldwide likewise accordingly with this immediate Healing can induce permanently in just 3 hours happiness and maturity in the minds of those who suffer, even if the causes were neurotic, psychosomatic disorders in addition to eliminating smoking, obesity and insomnia without complications, medicine or pain.



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