157people of many nationalities were killed , including 6 An Egyptian airliner crashes and 29 others in a Turkish airliner

Written by : Tarek Sakr

Air Force and Bay announced yesterday that 157 people of several sexes were killed in the crash of a Boweng 737 passenger plane during a trip from the capital Addis Ababa to the Kenyan capital of Ni-Ruby , killing all 157 people aboard, including 8 crew members and he lost contact with the helicopter about 10 minutes after takeoff before it crashed about 26 hours after the south of the capital , Addis Ababa, and the Ross Ya-um site stated that the victims were of several sexes , including 6 women who had been killed in the aftermath of the Kenyan – Athi -Italo – Canada – United States of America – British A – China – France – Netherlands – Ireland – Belgium – Indonesia – SLovaki – Israel – Serbia – Poland – Morocco – Uganda – Rwanda – Mozambique – Uganda – Sudan – Somalia …. In x context connected 29 passengers were on board a Turkish Airlines aircraft carrying 326 passengers on a flight from the city of Tanboul to the city of NY and York because of a new disturbance that occurred in the air , with its proposal from Jin-Qin Airport.

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