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The EU joins Rotary Egypt & Al Orman in supporting Egyptian families whose income was impacted by Corona Virus outbreak in the “60 Days Initiative”

By : Heba Abdel Fattah

The European Union joins forces with Rotary Egypt, Al Orman and other National partners in supporting 1000 Egyptian families of the most vulnerable who were impacted by the outbreak of the Corona Virus, in the “Sixty Days Initiative”. The European Union contributed with an amount of 85000 EGP to the initiative representing 500 food boxes distributed in the neediest villages of Fayoum and Minya.

The EU-supported “60-Days Food Initiative” distribution process addressed some of the poorest villages in several Egyptian governorates. Ambassador Ivan Surkoš, Head of the European Union Delegation in Egypt said, “In Solidarity with the Egyptian people, the European Union has joined this initiative that seeks to alleviate the economic burden of some of the neediest persons including informal workers whose work was stopped during the Corona Virus pandemic outbreak”.

Rotary Egypt – District 2451, led by Director General Sherif Waly, launched the “60-Days Food Initiative” to distribute 4000 boxes filled with food supplies to address the needs of over 1000 Egyptian families of the most unprivileged who were affected by the Corona Virus outbreak the over the course of two month, including the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The European Union and Al-Orman Association have joined forces with Rotary, undertaking the distribution and coordination process to guarantee optimum results of inter-NGO cooperation and coordination with the Public Service Committee of the district, headed by (the former president) Ola El-Noury. She said that the boxes have been distributed to the neediest and unprivileged persons including informal workers affected by the Corona Virus pandemic outbreak, in cooperation with Rotary Clubs, Al-Orman Association and the support of the European Union in Egypt. El-Noury added that 30 Rotary Clubs have taken part in this initiative, with a total fund of EGP 720,000 worth of 4000 food boxes that would suffice the needs of over 1000 Egyptian family (representing around 5000 persons) for period of 60 days.

The 4000 boxes were distributed as follows: 350 boxes in Al-Hamrawein village, Hurghada; 1100 boxes to the most unprivileged families in Al-Amir village and the adjacent ones in Al-Shaghab and Karam Al-Hagga, Luxor; 500 boxes in Nazlet Al-Samman, Giza; 1000 boxes in the Al-Rayyan village, Fayoum; 500 boxes in Al-Saff village, Giza and finally on the third day, 350 boxes in Al-Ayyat, Giza.

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