Alissa international festival for arts and Peace is a message to the world from Tunisia

by : Heba Abdel Fattah 

We are advocates of love and peace

We are a group that has been working for three years for a global project that concerns humanity and we have come together under a legal structure.  This has become the talk of people.

Management of the International Festival of Arts and Peace, headed by the media and director Khaled Sassi, head of an international group to organize exhibitions and festivals, which consists of thirty countries in the world and represents several Arab and European companies, among the names that work to make this wedding, It’s the Vice President of Media and Director , Fathi Aburamileh , from Jerusalem UAE media and historian of the Emirati heritage of Damascus Mariam Mohiuddin Mulla , From the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Producer Sameh Showaiter, President of the Peace Festival in Jordan, And from the American media Suad Asfour ,Tunisian producer Kamal Kerifa, From Germany, the impos company German Rabi Rabeh Hijazi, president of the Red Carpet Festival.

The Arab Republic of Egypt, Heba Abdel Fattah, owner of Fox Egypt News, Egyptian critic Hisham Lashin, founder of the Alexandria Film Festival, Informative and representative Lamia Tamimi, And the media Amal Bandari, From Iraq, writer Mohammed Rashid, founder of the Phoenix International Festival, which will contribute several shields known internationally, With hard names to mention, she has been working for three years to make this world wedding a success.

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