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CNN reveals the lie of Turkish Sabah and misleading Turkish media about the Watch of Khashoggi’s and the Washinton Post confirms

Written by : Tarek Sakr

CNN’s American network has revealed the lies of the Turkish media , which claimed that the Watch Watch , which was worn by Saudi journalist Gamal Khashoggi , recorded audio clips of the moments of interrogation and torture , and then killed him inside the Saudi consulate , and then sent them to his phone Which was held by his fiancée Khadija , “as claimed by some Turkish media and with it the pay channels East and complementary , which are accused of Turkey and the island , which has since 2010 become a tool to spread chaos in the Middle East in general in the hope of achieving a dream will not be achieved ” … CNN said the American famous quoting a statement from a senior official at Apple that Apple does not have the ability to record and send the tracks, and also does not have the property of opening by handprint , which is what Confirms the lie of the Turkish newspaper “Sabah” , which falsely claimed that the WatchWatch watch worn by journalist Jamal Khashoggi recorded the events that took place inside the Saudi consulate and sent to his phone , which was in the possession of his fiancé Khadija, and that the killers of journalist Jamal Khashoggi when they noticed the clock in his hand They opened it by using a sound The newspaper Sabah , which has not mastered the fabric in sufficient form , does not confirm to the international public opinion the lie of the Turkish media directed to him and his followers who seek by all means to blame the Kingdom of Saudi

Turkish Sabah newspaper

… For its part The Washinton Post reported that Stephen Cook , who works for the Council on Foreign Relations in London, said that Turkey was known for its media fraud and disinformation in the media in order to serve the government’s position.

When these mercenaries unite on one accusation directed at a state or a person … then there is a conspiracy

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