Egyptian Ambassador getting ready for a third film on his patent non- medicinal Immediate Healing

According to an offer of a German film Director, Medical Doctor and Ambassador Hadi Eltonsi is about to have his third film titled “Health Revolution “ this May on his published patent”Immediate Healing for Personality Development “, to inform German and Austrian viewers in special of the possibility of achieving highest grades of inner peace, maturity, joy and efficiency in a single 3 hours session, whether they are asymptomatic or suffering from neurotic and psychosomatic disorders or eliminating obesity, insomnia and smoking addiction.

Thru LinkedIn the German Director came to know about the numerous international congresses hailing the discovery as phenomenal and worthy and publication of an eminent research article on that healing in a British Journal after double blinded peer reviews.

This in turn came after 2 American short films on same issue represented in international festivals ; the first documentary called ”Psychic Psychiatrist” and the second inspired by his skills accepted in 51 festivals and won best international film award in Gala Venice Film Festival 2017 received by the Doctor on behalf of the Director for playing the main role.

The German Director of the coming film considers that German speaking citizens and pioneer research centers would be interested in this painless non intrusive immediate healing method that might allow a wide spectrum of cases avoid long suffering and drugs secondary effects while relieving their diseases and acquiring the mentioned state of mind benefiting individuals and society at large.

Ambassador Eltonsi years after his medical graduation worked in Egyptian missions in Portugal, Panama, Bolivia, Moscow as a diplomat and in Namibia and Guatemala as Ambassador decorated with its highest order “ El Quitzal” for his extraordinary efforts to further develop Egyptian Guatemalan Relations.


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