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  Egyptian-American summit to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation and counter-terrorism effort

Written by : Tarek Sakr

An Egyptian-American summit will be held on Tuesday between the two presidents Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi and Donald Trump at the White House in their sixth meeting. The summit will discuss ways to enhance mutual cooperation between the two countries as well as efforts to combat terrorism and extremism. The crisis that is taking place in a number of countries in the region and the Palestinian issue .. It is noteworthy that this visit, which will take 3 days come at the invitation of President Donald Trump, and Ambassador Bassam Radhi , spokesman for the presidency, that this visit is important The meeting will be attended by Presidents Sisi and Trump with the aim of strengthening relations between the two countries to achieve the common interests of both countries and their peoples. The American president will also hold a dinner for President Sisi and his high-level diplomatic delegation, Sissi of the United States held a number of meetings with senior officials including the US national security adviser and the ministers of defense, trade and foreign affairs … The President of the Sisi arrived on Monday from the United States of America from Guinea where he held the summit of Egypt Guinean counterpart Guinean and visited the University of Gamal Abdel Nasser in Conakry. The building of the Sisi complex was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, and was presented by the Guinean President during a dinner banquet with the National Medal of Merit, the highest honor in Guinea.

Ambassador Bassam Radi, Spokesman for the Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Several members of the Egyptian community welcome the Sisi president
Egypt and the United States of America … Relationships and historical ties
President Sisi’s arrival in Washington
Guinean President Alpha Conde gives the Sisi the National Medal of Merit

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