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Emergency declaration and the evacuation of 120,000 people in Florida before the arrival of ( Michael ) the deadliest

Written by : Tarek Sakr

As part of the preparations underway in the United States of America , specifically in Florida for the reception of an unwanted guest , Hurricane [ Michael ] , who became in the fourth category, which will make him the deadliest and most destructive in the state for decades .. While the US President on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in Florida, and began the forced evictions of about 120,000 people in the area of ​​[ Bay ] … For its part, announced the Meteorological Bureau of the capital of Florida that hurricane [ Michael ] who will arrive in the state during hours can not be compared with the previous hurricanes that hit the state previously described it as an unprecedented and very serious event, and will see a high level of waves of the sea to 4 meters … While the governor of Florida The next typhoon by force, describing it as the most destructive in the state, and stressed the [Tommy Ford] police officer on the importance of accelerating the evacuation of houses as soon as possible before the arrival of the devastating typhoon. 

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