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Grand Imam d. Ahmed al-Tayeb , Sheikh of Al-Azhar congratulates His Holiness Papa Francis B and his birthday near Christmas

Written by : Tarek Sakr

The virtue of the Grand Imam d. Ahmed Al-Tayeb , Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif on Tuesday telephoned His Holiness El-Papa Francis Papa of the Catholic Church to congratulate His Holiness on his 82nd birthday (17/12/1936) and by Christmas … Ahmed Al Tayeb congratulated His Holiness Papa Benedict XVI and the Copts of the world on his way to the approaching Christmas. The Grand Imam called on His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to extend his life for charity and charity. For his part , His Holiness Papa Francis He is pleased to meet Dr . Ahmed Al-Tayeb will soon be back in the United Arab Emirates. He also thanked the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar for this beautiful spirit which indicates that he is a person of sincere love in his heart and thanks for that.

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