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Immediate Healing for Personality Development

– Can you imagine yourself having a life free from negative emotions as depression, anxiety, anger, regret, guilt, jealousy,fear,boredom, loneliness, despair , hesitation, doubt and else?

 –can you imagine yourself full of deserved trust, capacity, freedom, security, joy, serenity, creativity, amicability , love, hope, wisdom, peace and else ?

 – can you imagine that you can reach the highest standards of maturity, efficiency , affect, communication , deep comprehensive awareness, and finest feeling ? And that you can be a stable efficient troubleshooter solving crisis tirelessly and happily even if living alone?

Can you imagine that you can get rid of psychosomatic symptoms without medicine by becoming free of negativity?

 Can you imagine that you can eliminate obesity, smoking and insomnia while feeling relaxed at peace and liberated ?

All this may look like a fantasy but in just 3 hour single session you can make it a permanent reality.

Dear reader: this non medicinal Immediate Healing for Personality Development done without pain nor complications was patented in Egypt 2016 when Dr. Hadi Eltonsi resident mostly in Vienna obtained the intellectual property. It was published in a British journal of psychology and Psychiatry On November 1st, 2018 after the presentation was described by international conferences and congresses in Vienna, Paris, Athens and Copenhagen as phenomenal and worthy. In addition to TV, radio, press covering and interviews it was dealt with in two American short films that were shown in international film festivals and one of them got the award of best international film at Venice Gala International film festival. So it spreads internationally also to serve science and mankind .

it depend on the capability of passion to change the DNA which was experimentally proven by the American Air Force , psychoanalysis and the methods by which American astronauts are chosen to be selfless and tension free. So with the immediate Healing it can be done in three hours also for leader formation.

The session is of two parts; the first takes two hours to recognize the complaints and wishes of client psychologically and physically thru his history and relevant experiences since childhood when the unconscious is formed to arrive to a common analysis and understanding of the case and treatment goals. The second in less than an hour, all this is implanted into the unconscious  thru non verbal interpersonal hypnosis, impersonating , energy transfer and telepathy  flooding the client with a stream of emotions, ideas, images, motivations, goals as agreed. Then the client awakes as normal feeling a new state of harmony between body, mind and soul according to agreement and thru time and follow up finds it to be permanent .

The Immediate Healing was first discovered 1997 and practiced on 700 hundred cases with 80% success rate. It combines psychology, Psychiatry ,medicine, holistic medicine , parapsychology,energy work, mantra yoga as an addition not a replacement to these. It is used for desirous client of all ages starting 12, never to psychotics, addicts or children , so can be either used separately or in team work in medical, holistic centers, spa and leader formation institutes , and excellence and research centers.  May be you can imagine how worthy it can be  if a person can be happy or eliminate long standing neurotic disease and be in shape and healthy in just one life transforming single session at excellence center for example.

Your country as a hub for science, research ,innovation and citizen happiness can be interested in such healing whether for its citizens, residents , tourists or also for innovation competitions that add to its worldwide scientific prestige.

Former Egyptian Ambassador and Freelance Medical Doctor

Mohamed Hadi Eltonsi

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