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Iran threatens the United States to sink its ships and aircraft in the waters of the Persian Gulf and Pakistan warns

Written by : Tarek Sakr

In light of the increasing tension between the United States and Iran amid fears of a war in the Gulf region … ( Murtada Korbani ) adviser to the Iranian military leadership to sink all American warships with their crew members and aircraft In the Arabian Gulf waters using weapons and missiles described as ” secret ” … This was in response to the announcement by the United States of America to send an additional 1500 soldiers and reconnaissance aircraft and a number of fighter jets in the Gulf region to confront hostile acts Iran, and that is against the backdrop of accusing the United States of America of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards responsible for the attack on four ships, including two Saudi oil tankers recently off the coast of the UAE , unlike Iran’s launch of a missile in one of the areas in Iraq where the US Embassy, For his part, said ( Mohammad Jawad Zarif ) Iranian Foreign Minister that it excludes the existence of a diplomatic solution at the moment about the crisis between his country and the United States of America, this at a time when he ( Jalam Ali Rashid ) Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian army That it is impossible to talk about the security conditions in the Strait of Hormuz without taking into account the Iranian oil exports and the interest of his country , also waving the threat of serious consequences, “he said.” For its part , Kuwait announced its readiness to Mediation between the two countries before the situation develops to the occurrence of other things in the region, and warned Pakistan of the danger of a war in the Gulf region.

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