Khaled Sassi to Fox Egypt News our festival is an important message

By : Heba Abdel Fattah

The nationality is Tunisian Age 40 years , President of an international group of thirty countries, Media artists, leaders of associations and organizations, Since 2016, we have decided to work for the biggest peace gathering through the creation of an international festival of peace bringing together the stars of art, sport, media and clergy through the activities of the festival.

Since the idea has won the admiration of all, Especially the big countries Like USA Brittany Germany – Canada – Italy – Greece- France & all the countries of the Middle East & the Maghreb countries, We gave a speech describing the main lines of this festival, which will move each year to a country ,Everyone is convinced of the idea, Stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo Zinedine Zidane, Angelina Jolie Celine Dion and several international stars ,Princes of the elders , Everyone dreams of this humanitarian project , It is true that at the beginning, Tunisia had not accepted for security reasons , But in a second time, the Prime Minister Youssef Chahed accepted and we had a written consent.

We wanted to implement this project by the end of 2020 and very soon announce this date.

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