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Pope Twadros presides over the one who has a feast of praying in the Cathedral and Fox Family Egypt News congratulates Egyptian Copts  

Written by : Tarek Sakr

The head of the Holy mass of BabA Twadros II BabA . Al-Askandria and Patriarch of evangelism in the evening of Saturday evenings the prayers of the cathedrals of the congregation of Al-Abbas in the presence of a number of ministers and senior statesmen and from the president of the Fatah al-Sisi Currently in China for the summit of the { of the War and the road } , the great Friday prayers were made by the Grand Church of the Cathedrals of Al-Abbas , who prays for the mass of Bab a Twadros II by the presence of a large number of the people of the Church , which are prayers praying in har The great Friday “yesterday” for six hours, to include all the procedures of the Old Testament s Var and mazur recited by the melody of Chaji called “Adrij” and texts from now agile the events related to the … The time of the Bakefox is my sincere congratulations and wishes for our condolences on this great occasion , and we pray to God to perpetuate the bonds of love and the son that bring us to this nation.

The Christ
The Cathedral of St. Mark in Abbasia
Fox Egypt News congratulates Copts of Egypt and the world

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