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President Sisi during the 8th Youth Conference : Egypt will never be caught in the presence of its powerful army

Written by : Tarek Sakr

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday attended the 8th National Conference of the Youth, which was held at the Center of The Lighthouse for the Conference sit-in at the Fifth Gathering – Cairo New , attended the events of the conference, The President of the Council of Ministers, Mustafa Madbouli, The two countries have also held three separate meetings in which the President has spoken about all the matters of the state in clarifying the facts, the dangers or terrorism after the disclosure of the facts. A basket of war that chronicles the lies led by the enemies of the state after buying the weak souls to come out through the sussial media to tell lies and spread the misinformation in the minds of those who run behind without making sure what they say, for example, not the stones that the harpsichords promote. Mohamed Ali against the state and the army in the last few days and the coordinator of some absent minds behind him, as the President honored the young athletes who raised the name of Egypt in the African Games held in Morocco, as well as honored the president elected the under-19 football World Cup winner and awarded them the medal of A republic of the first , second and third classes.

During session 1, which came under the heading of “assessing the experience of combating terrorism domestically and regionally,” the President spoke to The President, saying that the system and the thought of terrorism would have succeeded only if it was adopted by another, pointing out that the weakening and the exploitation of the state’s own territory. The president spoke of states that refused to accept their returning terrorist citizens after participating with the terrorist organization ISIS, saying: Why did the World Reject the reception of its citizens, even though they have democracy and scientific and humanitarian progress at the highest level, and expelled the president in I spoke to the crowd saying, “I’m sorry I’m saying this, but the dye is hard to change if it’s not impossible,” she said. Take money and judge them or imprison them. Just judge them. We are good, and the president also talked about renewing religious discourse during his speech, saying, “You see people with the kind of religion, seeing the impact of the lack of intellectual confrontation and the correction of religious discourse, how do we confront terrorism?” You can’t believe you’re 800 years late in explaining some texts? I am not speaking in constants and no one speaks in constants, I mean to renew the religious discourse as well as the age in which we are.

At the start of session 2, which came under the theme of “the effect of spreading lies on the state in the light of the fourth generation wars” President Al-Sisi watched a film about the addiction of social networking platforms – Susheial Media from its proud est, to the story of the lies that some are unsure to follow. President Sisi also revealed a film about how to make false videos about an event with the aim of provoking public opinion against a body or institution in the state, which is what is the well-known misguided channels that are broadcast from Turkey and in the world that do not stop promoting lies and misinformation about states. With the aim of creating a state of distrust between the people and the state in a general form or creating a state of frustration in the souls of those who run behind these channels that use the trunker of souls who sold their homeland and themselves to promote what they are told, as this session included the reversion of the fourth generation wars and the clarification of how The President has confirmed that the Army of Egypt is a solid and solid army that oversees projects of 175 million c , which is the center of the trust for Egypt and the entire region, as the President has confirmed, his relationship with the people is based on trust, trust, noting that the state has carried out projects with 4 trillion Egyptian pounds.

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