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President Sisi on the Conference ( TICAD 7 ) : important platform for supporting the poisonous continent & its aspirations for development

Written by : Tarek Sakr

In a letter to his leadership on the appropriate ness of the meetings of the international summit of the International Tokio Conference for African Development [[ TICAD 7 ]] in 28 , 29 and 30 August ,, which was published on the official website of the Japanese Foreign Ministry on Monday ,, in which the President expressed He’s very appreciative of Japan ,, a people and a government to add to this value ,, and the president has directed the honor to the organizers of this event. The mission particularly the International Bank, the African Union’s mandate and the United Nations development program, confirmed in his letter that operation [[ TICAD 7 ]] Since its inception in 1993 ,, it has proved to everyone that it is one of the most significant platforms that brings together different partners to support the African continent and its growth aspirations ,, and the President has pointed out that the process of integrating the African continent has been a remarkable form since the establishment of the Union ,, The African Union has succeeded in the years of achieving a number of goals that were included in the 2063 conference, and the President has confirmed that he has no doubt that The Cade 7 will continue to be successfully quoted by focusing on the needs of an African continent and exploiting the region and A force for her partners.

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