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President Sisi returns to Cairo after concluding his visit to Austria and Austrian Foreign Minister praises the importance of the visit

Written by : Tarek Sakr

After a successful 4 day visit to Austria , President Abd elfattah Al-Sisi returned Cairo yesterday from Vienna , after holding a number of important discussions during his visit with senior officials , headed by Austrian President Alexander van der. Held meetings with 16 Austrian investors from Austrian companies operating in Egypt. The president also participated in the [ African – European ] Forum. He met with Egyptian President Sisi with 3 Egyptian families who lost their children during their visit to Germany in 2015 , President Sisi wished to salute a number of members of the Egyptian community who gathered in front of his residence in Vienna on his departure to the airport before returning to Cairo International Airport. The President thanked them for their low temperature and waited to receive them from arrival until departure. “For her part,” Karen Knussel, “the Austrian Foreign Minister , who mastered the Arabic language, that the visit of President Sisi to Austria is important and strategic, pointing out that her country supports the Egyptian efforts to promote the Stability to the Middle East , as well as in the fight against terrorism with all its forms and the fight against illegal immigration, and the minister stressed that the bilateral relations between the two countries during the coming period will witness a great start in all areas.

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