The final government formation of the 75th Lebanese

Thursday October 25 2018

by : Mohamed Adel

The final government formation of the 75th Lebanese government, the second government under President Michel Aoun and the first effective government of his mandate.


President’s share:


1- Minister of Defense:

Michel Nahas (Catholic)


2- Minister of Justice:

Chakib Kortbawi (Maronite)


3- Minister of Tourism

Ibrahim Al-Majzoub (Sunni)


4- Minister of State for Human Rights Affairs:

Mireille Aoun (Maronite)


The Future’s Share:


1- The Prime Minister:

Saad Hariri (Sunni)


2- Minister of Interior:

Ibrahim Basbous (Sunni)


3- Minister of Economy:

Mohammed Choucair (Sunni)


4- Minister of Communications:

Nabil Yamout (Sunni)


5- Minister of the State of the Displaced:

 Mustafa Alloush (Sunni)


6- Minister of State for Planning Affairs:

Jean Ogasabian (Armenian)


Amal Movement Share:


1- Minister of Finance:

Ali Hassan Khalil (Shiite)


2- Minister of Social Affairs:

Eynat Ezzeddin (Shiite)


3- Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs:

Ali Abdullah (Shiite)


Hezbollah’s share:


1- Minister of Parliamentary Affairs: Mohammad Fneish (Shiite)


2- Minister of Industry:

Mahmoud Qamati (Shiite)


3- Minister of Health:

Nawar al-Sahli (Shiite)


Lebanese Forces share:


1- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: Ghassan Hasbani (Orthodox)


2- Minister of Culture:

Melhem Riachi (Catholic)


3- Minister of Environment:

Antoine Zahra (Maronite)


4- Minister of State for Women Affairs:

Fadi Salameh (Orthodox)


Free Patriotic Movement’s Share:


1- Minister of Presidential Affairs: Gebran Bassil (Maronite)


2- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants:

Elias Bou Saab (Orthodox)


3- Minister of Energy and Water:

Selim Jreisati (Catholic)


4- Minister of Work:

Pierre Raffoul (Maronite)


5- Minister of Combating Corruption  :

Awadis Ghidianian (Armenian)


6- Minister of Information:


Marwan Abu Fadel (Orthodox)


Progressive Socialist share:


1- Minister of Agriculture:

Wael Abu Faour (Druze)


2- Minister of Labor:

Akram Chehaib (Druze)


3- Minister of the Displaced:

Khattar Kantar (Druze, Close to Talal Arslan)


Marada share:

1- Minister of Youth and Sports:

Youssef Fenianos (Maronite)

The final government formation
The final government formation

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