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Trump warns Iran of a war of annihilation and Iran threatens to burn the United States and its allies in the region if military strikes

Written by : Tarek Sakr

Tensions between the United States and Iran increased , and the threats from both sides intensified after Iran threatened to burn the United States and its allies and interests in the region by breaking them in the event of any military strikes against them by the United States. Following the cancellation of US President Donald Trump to launch a military strike against Iran a few minutes before the response to the drop of Iranian forces to a US reconnaissance aircraft drones last Thursday. For his part , warned the spokesman of the Iranian armed forces Nalal Abu al-Fadl Shakarji that a military strike on his country by the United States of America will be equivalent to firing on the barrel of a huge powder will burn the United States and its allies and interests in the region. The other side, the US president said he is not seeking war With Iran, pointing out that the current conflict will lead to a war of genocide, pointing out that the economic sanctions imposed on Iran aims to limit its nuclear programs and interventions in the affairs of some countries, On the other hand, several airlines announced the number of air From a country The world is changing its flight routes so as to avoid flying over Iranian airspace and the Gulf of Aden.

Part of the wreckage of a US reconnaissance plane dropped by Iran
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The region of tension in the Gulf, which may witness the outbreak of war

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